The Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney: a Window into Italy, in Australia

In Australia, the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney is a window into Italy. Eva Sinosini interviews Donatella Cannova, the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney Donatella, what is the mission of the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney and who does it concern? Our work is to promote Italian culture and keep it alive […]

Gluten Free Goodness by Chef Andrea Tranchero

In Australia, the Barilla brand is the image of Italianness, as it has created and continues to create stories of Italian tradition on the tables of all families. Andrea Tranchero is the new Executive Chef for Barilla Australia and new Italian Barilla Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand. Tranchero has worked in Italy, France, USA, China, Japan, […]

Chef Andrea Tranchero: the 3 Rules of an Italian Food Ambassador

The Italian chef Andrea Tranchero has 25 years of experience in a career that began in his homeland: the Italian Piedmont region. Today he is the Executive Chef for Barilla in Australia and the Italian Ambassador of Barilla Australia and New Zealand: a successful milestone. Barilla is an important Italian brand known around the world, […]

Australian Foodie Adventure at the Gourmet Escape Festival

“G’Day, mate!” – a greeting in Australian English Located in the south west corner of Western Australia, Margaret River is one of the world’s hotspots for biodiversity and every year in November it serves as the backdrop for the extraordinary Gourmet Escape Festival, presented by Siemens. Excellent Gusto met the acclaimed British chef Heston Blumenthal […]