Interview with Luana Raia “Dreams that come true”

"Riaccendiamo la speranza!"

“Riaccendiamo la speranza!”

Luana’s art is a philosophy of life…

Luana, you often paint animals. Why is that?
Animals offer us humans a behavioural model based on respect and the natural Cycle of Life.

When you paint you give a lot of value to the artistic “stroke”. What does this “stroke” represent to you?
The artistic “Stroke” is something concrete and used to tell a story. Even my artwork represents the “stroke” of my personal history, which I will leave in the History of Man. Through my work, I present and share my emotions and experiences.

In your opinion what values are the most important in life?
Family and loved ones. Each goal and happiness should be shared with those you love.

"Dentro te!"

“Dentro te!”

Luana, you are married and have a son. How do you uphold the demands of work with those of the family?
The pace of my career is difficult, but I have a family that supports me. We are very united.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
To me, being optimistic is to believe in life’s “Beauty” and I believe in all the finer things in life!

In your artwork you investigate the relationship of Man and Creation. What do you think of this relationship?
The balance between Man and Creation is the basis of World Peace and personal serenity. Each of us must find this balance.

You are very committed to teaching World Peace. Luana, what is your message on this issue?
Every day is always a new step towards a better future. Believing in ourselves and in others and always behaving in a positive way creates World Peace.

Luana is passionate about antique printing techniques, such as etching. Can people contact you to take lessons on these antique printing techniques?
With great pleasure! Contact:

Future Projects?
I never make plans, I let myself be carried away by emotions and desires. By doing so, all my dreams have come true!

"Vita III°"

“Vita III°”

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