The Imperfect Beauty that makes us unique


In today’s world cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are synonymous to “health”, not only physical, but rather a balance between psychological and physical health. 

The surgeon operates on the body while taking into account the psychological satisfaction of the patient, as they collaboratively work towards a common goal. The end game is to improve the physical aspect and eliminate the mental distress.

But up to what point should people seek to improve their bodies? Over the course of history the canons of beauty have continually changed and the opposite of “beautiful” has always been “ugly”, meant as the accumulation of imperfections that cause indifference or disgust.

But let’s think about the concept called “natural beauty”. Such beauty, found in nature or in art work, unique beauty that is linked to the specific image itself and the emotion that it gives us. This type of natural beauty often comes with flaws, but these seem to disappear and blend in the harmony of the final image. Future research in cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery must make it minimally invasive and specifically focused on achieving this harmony, as by aiming to “maintain the original form of the flaw” this art will find its ultimate realisation. A natural beauty, where the preservation of even the smallest flaws creates harmony. An elegant beauty that springs from maintaining these small defects, in turn brings to light the “imperfect harmony”.

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries have achieved good results, although hardly noticeable since they are “discreet”. And it is by following this vision that it is possible today to achieve personal satisfaction through the improvement of one’s features, as part of a natural “imperfect harmony”, thanks to some of the most advanced technologies, designed by leading Italian manufacturing companies such as DEKA, part of the EL.EN. Group. The newest laser technology has come to aid in the evolution towards treatments that combine efficiency and low invasion, customising any specific treatment. Such technologies and other procedures offer a multitude of new opportunities that allow us to customise the remodelling of the periorbital area, according to what we believe is the ideal shape for the person and their expressed state of mind. The uppermost part of the face is emblematic and incredibly expressive, and can be further defined elegantly, though the use of cosmetic surgery, like a sculptor defines marble through sculpting.

I believe it is this “imperfect harmony” the “true beauty”, that makes us “naturally beautiful” and unique!00001-13Jan16-Pic-02-e1462291504522


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DERMATOLOGIST - I am Paolo Bonan, dermatologist and Head of the Laser Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Unit at the Villa Donatello Clinic in Florence, Italy. I have a deep interest in cosmetic surgery and the scientific research of laser technology. As Speaker and Chairman, I participate regularly in many conferences in Italy and abroad on new surgical laser technology capable of reaching a harmonious natural beauty. I love playing sports and try to apply the same discipline, harmony and balance to my professional activity. My professional objective is to provide a professional team of top experts, representing an important national and international authority in the field of Laser and Regenerative Cosmetic Surgery. Contact:

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