Chef Andrea Tranchero: the 3 Rules of an Italian Food Ambassador

Chef Andrea Tranchero, Barilla Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand

Chef Andrea Tranchero, Barilla Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand

The Italian chef Andrea Tranchero has 25 years of experience in a career that began in his homeland: the Italian Piedmont region. Today he is the Executive Chef for Barilla in Australia and the Italian Ambassador of Barilla Australia and New Zealand: a successful milestone. Barilla is an important Italian brand known around the world, especially for its production of pasta. Click here to watch the video interview with Andrea Tranchero.

Before reaching Australia, Andrea has traveled the world, holding high Italy’s culture flag and distinctive cuisine. He explains: “I’ve worked in Italy, France, USA, China and Japan cooking at top starred restaurants, such as in Italy at the Grand Hotel Europa in Cervinia and the Principi di Piemonte in Sestriere; Bice Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo and the Armani Restaurant, located in the Armani Ginza Tower, in the most high-end shopping area in Tokyo; Cicada in Los Angeles; L’Estasi, run by Claudio Sadler, one of the most well known chefs in Italy; L’Enoteca Restaurant in Paris…”.

Andrea has received many awards, like in 1997 when he won the Award one hundred ‘Chef’ of Los Angeles.

Chef Tranchero’s philosophy is to not only introduce Italian food, but also the unique value of Italian culture. Andrea explains: “I cook traditional Italian regional recipes with a touch of innovation that serves to reflect the needs of our time. I use only products harvested in the best seasons to enhance the authenticity of the dishes”.


Tranchero’s cuisine has won over many celebrities, including the Italian fashion icon, Giorgio Armani, Richard Branson and the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano.

In regards to fashion designer Giorgio Armani, Andrea says: “He is a real man of class. He likes very, very simple dishes”.

Here are some of the many successful creations of the Chef: Mezze Maniche pasta and creamed Baccalà with Clam Broth, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Apricots, which was entered in the Pasta World Championship and is reminiscent of fresh Italian pasta; Lamb ribs and Trombetta Crust with veils of Parma Ham; SpinoBelli with chopped Rooster and Foie Gras; Gluten Free Barilla Elbows pasta with prawns, broccoli and Barilla Ricotta sauce.

For Andrea “Every day is a challenge that gives me joy and strength. We Italians working abroad have to use Italian food products and explain what makes those products unique and teach the Italian way of cooking. For example: Italians teach that spaghetti should be cooked in salted water. In Asia, this is not the case! Therefore it is important to stay authentic”.

Andrea Tranchero organises the ‘Casa Barilla’ Cooking Schools found in major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Auckland, in New Zealand. The Academia Barilla was created to promote Italian culinary culture around the world and to feature Italy and its people. Cuisine is an aspect of Italy’s identity. The Academia Barilla teaches students to express their own creativity in the kitchen and to share with family and friends new recipes and new flavours, while also teaching a vocation.


Andrea is passionate in his endeavour at the Academia, and he says: “The Academia Barilla gives me a chance to demonstrate my knowledge of Italian culture and cuisine. I train many young cooking enthusiasts, maybe one of them will one day become the new Italian Barilla Ambassador”. To these young people, Andrea suggests: “To have a career as a Chef and become Italian ambassadors abroad there are 3 important rules to follow: Passion, Rigour, Identity“.

Chef Andrea Tranchero and Eva from Excellent Gusto

Chef Andrea Tranchero and Eva from Excellent Gusto


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