Excellent Gusto’s Piazza Sapori event celebrates Women at The State of The Union 2016


Excellent Gusto hosted Piazza Sapori, a tasting event with a variety of typical Italian products. The event took place during the ‘Open Day’ of the International Conference The State of The Union 2016 held in Florence, Italy, celebrating the theme ‘Women in Europe and The World’.

00028-08may16-pic-02/Matteo Renzi, the Prime Minister of Italy, with Eva Sinosini from ExG

Matteo Renzi, the Prime Minister of Italy, with Eva Sinosini from ExG

The State of The Union (SOU) is an international event organised every year by the European University Institute, held at three wonderful locations in Florence: Badia Fiesolana, Palazzo Vecchio and Villa Salviati. From May 5th to May 7th, Women in Europe and The World, the theme of this year’s SOU, was discussed by various European State representatives and international scholars.

00028-08may16-pic-03/Gastronomia Umbra

Gastronomia Umbra

The ‘Open Day’ programme at Villa Salviati offered many activities
including workshops, shows for children, live music, a tour of the EU’s one-of-a-kind Historical Archives preserved in Villa Salviati and a sampling of typical Italian food offered by Excellent Gusto’s Piazza Sapori, partner of the SOU event. Excellent Gusto’s Piazza Sapori event facilitated flavourful moments of Exchange, Sharing and the Rebirth of high quality Italian culinary products, reminiscent of the old traditional markets in the piazza (town square); when the merchants would gather in the town squares to sell their goods, including food items, while businessmen and families would gather around the market stalls. A tradition that still continues today!

00028-08may16-pic-04/Parmigiano Reggiano of Malandrone 1477

Parmigiano Reggiano of Malandrone 1477

Residents and enthusiasts gathered around the Piazza Sapori event to savour typical and world-renowned dishes and products of different Italian regions and towns. These products include the excellent Parmigiano Reggiano of Malandrone 1477 and the tasty crostini sauces, pasta, meats, fish and appetising savoury snacks of Gastronomia Umbra. The delicious Tigelle of Manilù, the typical flat bread from Modena that can be alternatively filled with pesto, vegetables, cold cuts or chocolate, were also available for sampling. Pan del Ponte offered wholesome snacks including breads, schiacciate, pizza and sweets made with natural ancient grains. The prized extra virgin olive oil from the Chianti Colli Fiorentini area of Tuscany produced by the agricultural enterprise La Querce and Sicilian oranges from AranciAmato, of the Consorzio di Tutela delle Arance di Ribera DOP, were also exquisite offerings available to delight tastebuds.



At the Piazza Sapori event the Orange became a symbol for Women. Yes! The DOP Ribera Orange, called the ‘bionda di Sicilia’, the ‘Sicilian blonde’, is an extraordinary fruit with unique features. It is simultaneously energetic, sweet, fresh, genuine and nutritious at any time, for everyone! The tasting at Excellent Gusto’s Piazza Sapori was led by experts Andrea Giovannardi and Marco Marucelli from Excellent Gusto’s Advisory Board, together with the producers of these traditional and tantalising products.

00028-08may16-pic-06/Tigelle of Manilù-Tigelle Manilù

Tigelle of Manilù

Francesco Farolfi, guest of the Piazza Sapori event, dedicated his painting ‘Flora and Orpheus’ to the SOU 2016. The painting depicts Orpheus who is in love with Flora, Goddess of Spring. Nature’s Beauty and Rebirth are the themes connected to Flora, which celebrate aspects of the Woman.

00028-08may16-pic-08/Pan del Ponte

Pan del Ponte

Excellent Gusto’s media partner: Firenze Spettacolo Magazine.

At the 2016 SOU, the Windrose Insalatina is the Excellent Gusto Recipe created to commemorate all the women of the world!

Watch the video of ExG’s Pizza Sapori event and the interview with Serena Burgisser, Head of Public Relations at EUI, and with Dieter Schlenker, the Director of the Historical Archives of the EU.

La Querce

La Querce



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