The Windrose Insalatina

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A gourmet salad to enjoy with your eyes, your palate and your heart! With the Windrose Insalatina Excellent Gusto celebrates the annual The State of the Union 2016 event, of which Excellent Gusto was a partner, and The Women of the World, who were the protagonists of this international conference. This Recipe marries contrasting flavours in a unique dish which is fresh and aromatic. The dish is a symphony of vegetables and cheese with a delicate perfume of Flower Petals. It is fast and easy to prepare with only one secret to respect: use traditional wooden spoons!


Serves 4

1 head of salad (Roman salad); 20 large sage leaves; 4 anchovy fillets in water; 150g flour, type ’00’; 2 glasses of cold water; ½ tsp bicarbonate soda; 1 cup of thin slices of Caciocavallo cheese; 10 pitted green olives, cut in half; 2 lemons; 1 orange; extra virgin olive oil; 2 cups of edible flower petals; salt.


Prepare the Salad

Remove the first external salad leaves. Remove the hard stalk of the salad, then cut the salad in 4 pieces. Wash the salad in a salad spinner, with the inserted basket full of water. Change the water and repeat the washing process 3 times. Spin the salad to dry it and place the dry salad to the side in a ceramic bowl.

Prepare the Citrus Dressing and the grated Citrus Peel

Juice the lemons and orange. Put the juice in a cup together with 1 teaspoon of oil and put it to the side. Grate the skin of the lemons and the orange and put the grated peel in a cup to the side.

Prepare the Anchovy Fillets

Separate the fillets by hand and place them with the salad in the bowl. Cover the bowl with a cotton cloth to maintain the aroma.

Prepare the fried Sage Leaves

Wash the sage leaves. Dry them with the cotton cloth and put them to the side. In one bowl place the flour, water, bicarbonate soda and a pinch of salt. Mix them by hand with a fork until the batter reaches a soft consistency. Fold in the sage leaves. In a frypan liberally pour in oil and heat it on a high flame. Fry the sage leaves in the frypan, turning them over. Remove from the flame when the sage leaves are golden and crisp. Spread the sage leaves on absorbent paper towel and leave them to cool.

Plate Presentation

Add the Caciocavallo cheese and the olives to the salad with the anchovy fillets. Mix them together delicately with two wooden spoons in a circular motion from the bottom to the top. Add the fried sage leaves and pour the citrus dressing on top in a circular fashion. Mix the ingredients carefully with the wooden spoons. Dust the Insalatina with the grated citrus rinds. Wash the Flower Petals and adorn the Windrose Insalatina.

Accompany the Insalatina with a dry and fresh white wine.



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