The 2016 Florence Wine Event celebrates 10 years of success!

As a partner, Excellent Gusto celebrates the 10th edition of the Florence Wine Event 2016 held on June 11 and 12 at the Ippodromo of Visarno (Florence Racecourse), in the beautiful Cascine Park of Florence.

Italian wine, che passione! Today’s world of wine has no boundaries. Over 2,000 enthusiastic wine lovers, including experts in the field, tourists and families, were visitors at the 10th edition of the FWE, sponsored by the Region of Tuscany. The event is an important wine exposition in the Italian wine city of Florence and successful in getting to know the best wineries of Italy.

This year the event presented new excellent wine labels, even including some lesser known companies. Also present were a selection of high-quality artisan food products for visitors to sample and handmade items available to purchase.

Among the many novelties, in addition to traditional tastings, visitors could buy the sampled products directly from the producers at affordable prices and bring home a tasty memory!

At the FWE you could find some of the most precious grapes from all over Italy: the Ribolla Gialla of Salis Terrae (Friuli-Venezia Giulia), the Nebbiolo and Moscato d’Asti of Criolin and Carretta (Piedmont), the famous Vermentino of Siddura (Sardinia). Amongst the Tuscan wines there were: the Montecucco from Amiata and Prato al Pozzo, the wines of Podere Vilarga from Montepulciano and even of Artimino, the Castelli del Grevepesa, the Fattoria Poggiopiano and Tenuta La Novella. But these were just a few of the many wine labels presented and appreciated by the enthusiastic audience of The Florence Wine Event!

Each wine could be paired with gourmet specialties such as the tasty truffles of Mugello Tartufi, stuffed Tigelle (typical flat bread from Modena) of Manilù, the tasty Panaio Panini with high quality cured meats, artisan porchetta, the famous Torta Pistocchi, the Florentine chocolate cake, the fresh and genuine gelato of La Pentolina and La Strega Nocciola and traditional cookies of Forno Vannini.  Also you couldn’t miss tasting some of the delicious Extra-Virgin Olive Oils, like those of La Querce and Verde Olivo…. and grappa.

500 Touring Club, a food & wine tour company in the Tuscan hills with their legendary vintage Fiat 500 cars, was the special guest at the 2016 FWE. Visitors had fun taking photos alongside the mythical cars, a symbol of Italian style in the years of the La Dolcevita!

They were two beautiful days of excellent wine and fine food in the large green area of the Florence Racecourse. Even kids had fun in the ‘kid zone’ with I’Brucomela entertainment group

“Today the wine world has no boundaries and the Florence Wine Event wants to show off the greatest wines coming from the small Italian wineries, teaching the true value of a quality wine” explains Riccardo Chiarini from Promowine, organiser of the event.

“Producing wine is a science and a form of art. If you know a wine, you also understand an environment, a passion, a culture and a way of eating and being together” said Eva Sinosini from Excellent Gusto, partner of the 2016 Florence Wine Event, together with media partner Firenze Spettacolo Magazine run by Leonardo Tozzi.

Eva Sinosini from Excellent Gusto & Riccardo Chiarini from Promowine

Eva Sinosini from Excellent Gusto & Riccardo Chiarini from Promowine

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