Artimino Estate toasts 300 years of Carmignano DOCG wine

Villa Medicea ‘La Ferdinanda’, conosciuta anche come "Villa dei Cento camini" per i numerosi comignoli che la contraddistinguono

“La Ferdinanda” Medici Villa is also known as the “Villa of the 100 Chimneys” due to the numerous chimneys that make it unique

At the Medici Villa ‘La Ferdinanda’, in the impressive Artimino Estate  in the heart of Tuscany, celebrations are taking place for the 300th anniversary of the Carmignano DOCG, a Tuscan wine praised worldwide. Over 3 days – Sept 25th and 30th and October 2nd – wine, art and entertainment including a charity event will be enjoyed by all to celebrate this momentous anniversary.

Villa ‘La Ferdinanda’ is unique in the world for its numerous and characteristic chimneys that make it a fascinating sight to behold. The Villa is in fact called the ‘Villa of the 100 Chimneys’, and today is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

00031-25sept16-pic-02The beautiful ‘Villa of the 100 Chimneys’, constructed by Ferdinando I of the Medici family of Florence in 1596, dominates the historic medieval village of Artimino, a famous tourist attraction in Tuscany. Visiting the Villa is emotionally moving. Walking within its halls it is easy to imagine the many incredible stories of the noble families of Florence!

The powerful Medici were protagonists in Italian history from the 15th to the 18th century. Lords of Florence, they governed the Italian region of Tuscany for these three long centuries. It was in fact the Medici family that introduced the concept of Denomination of Origin 300 years ago. This was the first example of a discipline of wine production aimed to protect and valorise these wine territories considered at the time amongst the most virtuous wines of the period in Tuscany: Chianti, Pomino, Carmignano and Val d’Arno di Sopra.

00031-25sept16-pic-03The glorious history of the Medici dynasty is immortalised in the dialogue between the extravagant Gian Gastone, the last Grand Duke of the Medici dynasty, and his sister Anna Maria Luisa in the live show ‘The Medici’s Legacy’. The show, presented at the Villa ‘La Ferdinanda’ by The Medici Dynasty Show, is extraordinary with truly engaging multimedia effects!

The Medici Dynasty Show

The Medici Dynasty Show

To toast to the 300th anniversary of the excellent Carmignano DOCG and to celebrate the link between the past and present of his denomination, the Artimino Estate presented a precious limited edition series of 1716 numbered Magnums celebratory of the Carmignano Riserva 2012 wine. The label was designed by the Dutch artist Wassel Huisman who, in his design, has revisited the image of the Villa, which has always been used as the hallmark of the Estate label.

The first ten bottles, along with original artwork of Huisman and a few other precious labels, were auctioned on September 25th. The proceeds of the charity auction will be donated to the paediatric hospital Meyer in Florence.

Carmignano DOCG limited edition series, only 1716 pieces with a special label designed by Wessel Huisman

Carmignano DOCG limited edition series, only 1716 pieces with a special label designed by Wessel Huisman

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