Florence ‘City of Taste’ with the Biennale Enogastronomica

Leonardo Romanelli, Direttore Artistico della Biennale e Eva Sinosini di Excellent Gusto, Partner Biennale

Leonardo Romanelli, Artistic Director of the Biennale and Eva Sinosini of ExG, Partner of the Biennale

Florence buzzing with markets, cooking shows, and more than 50 themed events and tastings! The Biennale Enogastronomica has returned in its 5th edition from November 10th to the 28th. The spirit of the Biennale is to taste and expose to Florence and the world the best quality Made in Italy gastronomic products! Discover the new ExG Recipe ‘The 4 Elements’ dedicated to the Biennale!

An explosion of initiatives in a modern and stimulating ambience, the Biennale provides the unique opportunity to taste the spectrum of authentic food and exquisite wines that are offerings of typical regional products from the North to the South of Italy, as well as authentic gastronomic delights from other Countries, giving the Biennale an international flavour and perspective.

An important opportunity for agricultural enterprises, emphasises Marco Gemelli, food and wine journalist, with more than 600 exhibitors sharing their unique products thanks to this grand Florentine exhibition that every two years facilitates with great success the meeting of the gastronomic aficionado and the producer.

The Biennale “…proposes and promotes a lifestyle that teaches us to appreciate Italian excellence and culture through the exhibition of food and wine products!”, says the food and wine journalist, Leonardo Romanelli, Artistic Director of the Biennale.

The hub of the Biennale is Casa della Biennale, located at the EX3 exhibition space, with events also taking place ‘Fuori Biennale’, throughout the city of Florence. The Biennale was organised with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence and the sponsorship of the Tuscany Region, the Metropolitan City of Florence and the Townhall of Florence. 

Eating a Dish is like leafing through a book…it contains the History of a Community!” exclaims Marco Marucelli, food and wine journalist and speaker at the ExG Round Table “Ancient Grains and Truffles at the Table”.

To know a Product and its History makes us more responsible as consumers in our choices of what to eat and drink”, affirms Eva Sinosini, Director of ExG.

The special edition of Florence Wine Event (FWE) that took place in the EX3 centre on the weekend of November19th and 20th, presented the best of Italian wine and spirits together with selected gastronomic delicacies. “A good Wine is required to enhance a good Dish!” declares Riccardo Chiarini, promotor of FWE.

Nobile di Montepulciano, Podere Casa al Vento

The Nobile di Montepulciano wine of Podere Casa al Vento

At the ExG Round Table “Di-Vinum”, Angelo Marongiu, Official Sommelier of Italian Sommelier Association (AIS), presented “Vitae”, the AIS guide, that compiles a selection of the best Italian wines, with suggestions for pairings with traditional cuisine.

Angelo Marongiu, Degustatore Ufficiale AIS, presenta “Vitae”, la guida AIS 2017

Angelo Marongiu, Official AIS Sommelier, presents “Vitae”, the AIS guide 2017

Wine has a Voice…” expresses Paolo Matteoni of Click4Food, school of food photography, presenting the Collection “The Voice of Wine” that beautifully sets the stage for the protagonists of the rich History of Wine.

Traditions never fade!” exclaims the Agronomist Gianandrea Giovannardi of the ExG Advisory Board. The culinary degustation of the the “Italian Jewels” of ExG has proposed for this occasion a variety of excellent products from Tuscany: the prized truffles of Mugello Tartufi, the breads from Pan del Ponte and the pasta Monna Giovannella, both made from ancient grains, the olive oil Chianti Colli Fiorentini of La Querce, together with Chianti Classico wines of the small producer Le Regge, the biological wines of Il Poderaccio and the Podere Casa al Vento wines of Montepulciano.

I Pani ai grani antichi di Pan del Ponte

Pan del Ponte breads made from ancient grains

Guest of the ExG Round Table, the President of Quartiere 3 (Florence South) Alfredo Esposito, discussed the “Vegetable Gardens in the City” project, the initiative that creates training opportunities around the themes of Environment, Nature and Health. “Urban spaces are recovered to create vegetable gardens cultivated and tended to by families, children and students. Every garden provides healthy food and enriches the beauty of the environment…and the wellbeing and happiness of the people!”.

Santino Cannamela, President of the Biennale Enogastronomica, enthusiastically concludes, “…more than 80,000 visitors attended the event! A great success of the 2016 edition of the Biennale was that it succeeded in engaging a greater audience and more international food and drink producers than previous Editions of the Biennale, in the “City of Taste” that is Florence!”.

Mugello Tartufi



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