The Windrose Insalatina

-Excellent Gusto Recipes-  A gourmet salad to enjoy with your eyes, your palate and your heart! With the Windrose Insalatina Excellent Gusto celebrates the annual The State of the Union 2016 event, of which Excellent Gusto was a partner, and The Women of the World, who were the protagonists of this international conference. This Recipe marries contrasting flavours […]

“Mare & Bosco” Gourmet Pizza

-Excellent Gusto Recipe-  An irresistible mix of Italian delicacies for a delicious Pizza! Excellent Gusto and the new Italian and European Gourmet Pizza Champion, Cavalier Vittorio Astorino, celebrate Italian excellence at the 2015 Universal EXPO Milan, with this unique ‘Mare & Bosco’ Gourmet Pizza creation. Watch the video of the initiative at EXPO Milan 2015 by clicking here.  The main ingredients in this distinctive […]

Fiesta Mexicana Risotto

-Excellent Gusto Recipes- Excellent Gusto creates Fiesta Mexicana Risotto along with Formula 1 driver Sergio Pérez. In bringing together Gusto & Passion, this recipe has a true Mexican character, just like… Checo! Hot and spicy rice with a “Chicken and Sausage Heart”, dipped in the tasty and nutritious “Ortolana Sauce” with black beans, potatoes and […]

“Good Morning, Sun!” Panino

-Excellent Gusto Recipes- Wake up to the bold flavour of the “Good Morning, Sun!” Panino, a healthy treat. Excellent Gusto dedicates this recipe to The State of The Union, an important international event, which takes place every year in Florence and has Excellent Gusto as its partner. The Recipe has been interpreted by the incredible artistic […]

Grand Prix Insalatissima Recipe

-Excellent Gusto Recipes- Grand Prix Insalatissima has been created by Excellent Gusto in collaboration with Xavi Martos, Formula 1 Personal Trainer. Excellent Gusto dedicates this Recipe and its Gusto Story to Formula 1! In bringing together Gusto & Sport, this is a healthy and nourishing Recipe for those who enjoy a light, tasty and tangy […]