The Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney: a Window into Italy, in Australia

In Australia, the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney is a window into Italy. Eva Sinosini interviews Donatella Cannova, the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney Donatella, what is the mission of the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney and who does it concern? Our work is to promote Italian culture and keep it alive […]

Chef Andrea Tranchero: the 3 Rules of an Italian Food Ambassador

The Italian chef Andrea Tranchero has 25 years of experience in a career that began in his homeland: the Italian Piedmont region. Today he is the Executive Chef for Barilla in Australia and the Italian Ambassador of Barilla Australia and New Zealand: a successful milestone. Barilla is an important Italian brand known around the world, […]

Lamborghini, the ‘Toro’ of luxury

Take an exciting journey into the legendary Lamborghini brand at the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum, an Italian excellence! You can discover the incredible history of the Bolognese brand created by the brilliant founder Ferruccio Lamborghini and live the dream of the beautiful and powerful Lamborghini cars, the supercars of the ‘Toro’ (the ‘Bull’). Ferruccio chose the furious Bull as the symbol […]

The Imperfect Beauty that makes us unique

In today’s world cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are synonymous to “health”, not only physical, but rather a balance between psychological and physical health.  The surgeon operates on the body while taking into account the psychological satisfaction of the patient, as they collaboratively work towards a common goal. The end game is to improve the […]