Formula 1

Fiesta Mexicana Risotto

-Excellent Gusto Recipes- Excellent Gusto creates Fiesta Mexicana Risotto along with Formula 1 driver Sergio Pérez. In bringing together Gusto & Passion, this recipe has a true Mexican character, just like… Checo! Hot and spicy rice with a “Chicken and Sausage Heart”, dipped in the tasty and nutritious “Ortolana Sauce” with black beans, potatoes and […]

Grand Prix Insalatissima Recipe

-Excellent Gusto Recipes- Grand Prix Insalatissima has been created by Excellent Gusto in collaboration with Xavi Martos, Formula 1 Personal Trainer. Excellent Gusto dedicates this Recipe and its Gusto Story to Formula 1! In bringing together Gusto & Sport, this is a healthy and nourishing Recipe for those who enjoy a light, tasty and tangy […]